Monday, 30 April 2012

Multiple images on a Google+ post

The default image display for a Google+ post is for the post to have a single image attached to it.  But did you know you can have up to 3 images displayed in the post, albeit in a slightly smaller format than the single image.  In fact Google uses the same display area to display between 1 and 3 images.

So, how do we get 3 images inline within a single post?

1)  Share What's New

From the Share What's New box at the top of your stream Select Add Photos.

This will bring up the option for you to add an image from your hard drive.

With the exception of sharing a full album, and more on that later, at this stage it is not possible to add a single image that has already been uploaded to Google and which is now held in your albums at Picasa (however with the speed of changes in Google+ it can't be long before that option is available though!).

You can select multiple images or add a single image at a time, in which case you would then select 'add more' option to finalise your additions.

Selecting up to 3 images will place them in the Share box ready for you to complete your post.

Once you have finished typing, Share will complete the post and your images will be placed in-line in the completed post.

2) Share from the box at the top right of the Google+ grey bar.

Depending on your screen resolution, when adding 3 images via this option you may be forgiven for thinking that they will not display correctly, however complete your post, select Share and they will be placed correctly in the final post as in the previous example.

3) Sharing an album via Picasa Web Albums

If you have up to 3 images in an album in Picasa ( using the Google+ Share button all 3 images will be placed in-line in your post as in previous examples.

In all of these options if you try adding more than 3 images they will default to showing as a single large image with subsequent images as small thumbnails beneath.

Riverside walk

Well, its getting closer to Summer each day, and everywhere I look the signs are there, Cherry blossom on the trees, daffodils withered to make way for the next growth, and in some areas the bluebells and even white bluebells are showing.  This image was taken on the riverside in Edale Derbyshire, near the start of the Pennine Way.  Almost magical.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Google+ album share

If, like me you enjoy sharing images over on Google+, you may find some of the current sharing options a little too restrictive for your needs.

When sharing an album Google uses the first image in the album as the album cover and will also display in small thumbnail form the next dozen images or so.

Clicking on the main image takes you into the image display on G+ and you have the left and right links to take you into the next/previous images in the album.

So how do you set the album cover and the dozen small thumbnail images that you wish to appear in your album share post?

Going into the album you want to share (Select Photos in the menu on the left and then Albums) choose the More option on the right and select Organise Album.

Select the image you want as the album cover and drag it to the first position.  Continue dragging images into the order you wish and then click Finish Organising.

Selecting Share will now allow you to share the album without G+ creating additional copies of the images. (A current issue for photographers with G+ which will hopefully be resolved one day).

Sharing the album will now allow you to create a new post sharing the album with images in the order you want.
Although the screen copy I used above does not show the full thumbnail images you should be able to tell that they are now in the order of the re-organized album.

Don't forget that you can view my full portfolio over on my Zenfolio account at

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Another Google+ shortcut.

Posting an image and submitting it to some of the themes on Google+ can be a little tiresome having to manually type both the theme hashtag as well as having to select each of the individual curators, particularly if you submit to more than one theme.

To save time you can store each of the themes you use as a hashtag together with the curators Google+ ID - store it in Google Docs or notepad or elsewhere and simply copy and paste it into each post you need.

Example for a theme of #hangouttest with myself as the curator you would type #hangouttest +117014035284065592442

This would convert the Google ID number into the relevant Name when you actually Share the post.

Even though you do not see the curators name appear in the share box when posting, subsequent checks confirm that they get a separate notification of the post in their notifications listing.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Entrance to a new life

It's nice to look back over things you have done, some pleasant memories and of course some not so pleasant but all rich learning.  Its knowing what bits to take from each situation that you can use to improve on in the future.

This gateway near Carperby in the Yorkshire Dales has particular significance for me. I was making this image when I received a phone call offering me a contract which would become my last paid employment! Eighteen months later I had finished the fixed term contract and started a new life in semi retirement! However more on that in a future post.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday and time for an architectural study.

I really love some of the old Church buildings which you can find in nearly every Town. Some really ancient ones, and yet others quite modern in both design and age. Some are built in the centre of the town surrounded by the trappings of every day life - roads, traffic, shopping malls etc. Others, like this one in Edale Derbyshire stand over looking beautiful and peaceful countryside.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Wildlife Photography

When you are just starting out on the wildlife photography trail, you can start to feel inadequate when you see some of the exotic species that other photographers capture.  Well don't!  They started somewhere, and I bet most started out with images of their pet or garden birds!

Start with your own backgarden where you will find all manner of visitors such as birds, squirrels, hedgehog, fox - I bet there are all manner of creatures if you look closely enough.

You don't have a garden! What about your local park or grassland or even a farm.  What about small creatures - insects, moths, butterfly's - the list can be endless.

Hey, don't forget pets, yours or your neighbour or friends - I  bet they would love to have a nice portrait of their pet dog/cat/rabbit.

And don't think you need specialist equipment either, start out with what you have, you can get great images with just your mobile phone! Just go out and take some photographs, you will be glad you did!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Add a Google+ Timeline to your blog

I have been asked a few times how to implement the new google+ timeline created by Jari Huomo onto your blog site. This is quite easy to achieve as you just need to dabble a little in the Blogger design page - no specialised knowledge is really required.
  • First you need to go into the Design page of your Blogger site.
  • Select Layout, then “Add a gadget” and this will bring up the gadget selection window.
  • Scroll down and add HTML/Javascript gadget.
  •  Add a title and in the content section add the following text, changing my Google+ profile ID (highlighted) with your own Google+ ID.
<iframe height="600" src="" width="100%"></iframe>
  • Position the new HTML gadget to the layout position you wish on your blog.  A good position is one just below your Pages or Header gadget.

  • Save the new layout arrangement.
  • You will now have your latest Google+ posts appear on your blog!

If your new timeline has a scroll bar at the bottom as mine does in this screenshot, you will need to widen the template.
  • Go back to the Blogger design page and this time select Template and then customise.
  • Select Adjust width and select a size of at least 1200px to remove the scrollbar.

Apply the changes to the blog.
Your new timeline should now appear - Happy blogging!