Monday, 30 April 2012

Multiple images on a Google+ post

The default image display for a Google+ post is for the post to have a single image attached to it.  But did you know you can have up to 3 images displayed in the post, albeit in a slightly smaller format than the single image.  In fact Google uses the same display area to display between 1 and 3 images.

So, how do we get 3 images inline within a single post?

1)  Share What's New

From the Share What's New box at the top of your stream Select Add Photos.

This will bring up the option for you to add an image from your hard drive.

With the exception of sharing a full album, and more on that later, at this stage it is not possible to add a single image that has already been uploaded to Google and which is now held in your albums at Picasa (however with the speed of changes in Google+ it can't be long before that option is available though!).

You can select multiple images or add a single image at a time, in which case you would then select 'add more' option to finalise your additions.

Selecting up to 3 images will place them in the Share box ready for you to complete your post.

Once you have finished typing, Share will complete the post and your images will be placed in-line in the completed post.

2) Share from the box at the top right of the Google+ grey bar.

Depending on your screen resolution, when adding 3 images via this option you may be forgiven for thinking that they will not display correctly, however complete your post, select Share and they will be placed correctly in the final post as in the previous example.

3) Sharing an album via Picasa Web Albums

If you have up to 3 images in an album in Picasa ( using the Google+ Share button all 3 images will be placed in-line in your post as in previous examples.

In all of these options if you try adding more than 3 images they will default to showing as a single large image with subsequent images as small thumbnails beneath.

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