Thursday, 19 April 2012

Another Google+ shortcut.

Posting an image and submitting it to some of the themes on Google+ can be a little tiresome having to manually type both the theme hashtag as well as having to select each of the individual curators, particularly if you submit to more than one theme.

To save time you can store each of the themes you use as a hashtag together with the curators Google+ ID - store it in Google Docs or notepad or elsewhere and simply copy and paste it into each post you need.

Example for a theme of #hangouttest with myself as the curator you would type #hangouttest +117014035284065592442

This would convert the Google ID number into the relevant Name when you actually Share the post.

Even though you do not see the curators name appear in the share box when posting, subsequent checks confirm that they get a separate notification of the post in their notifications listing.

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