Sunday, 1 April 2012

Add a Google+ Timeline to your blog

I have been asked a few times how to implement the new google+ timeline created by Jari Huomo onto your blog site. This is quite easy to achieve as you just need to dabble a little in the Blogger design page - no specialised knowledge is really required.
  • First you need to go into the Design page of your Blogger site.
  • Select Layout, then “Add a gadget” and this will bring up the gadget selection window.
  • Scroll down and add HTML/Javascript gadget.
  •  Add a title and in the content section add the following text, changing my Google+ profile ID (highlighted) with your own Google+ ID.
<iframe height="600" src="" width="100%"></iframe>
  • Position the new HTML gadget to the layout position you wish on your blog.  A good position is one just below your Pages or Header gadget.

  • Save the new layout arrangement.
  • You will now have your latest Google+ posts appear on your blog!

If your new timeline has a scroll bar at the bottom as mine does in this screenshot, you will need to widen the template.
  • Go back to the Blogger design page and this time select Template and then customise.
  • Select Adjust width and select a size of at least 1200px to remove the scrollbar.

Apply the changes to the blog.
Your new timeline should now appear - Happy blogging!

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