Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Google+ hash tags

Photo Critique
I was asked the other day how to find people on Google+ who would critique an image.  The simple answer is to make use of one of the special hash tags within the body of the G+ post and share the post to Public.

Two of the main critique hashtags used within the photography community on G+ are: #BTLcritique and  #CritiquePls. There are a lot of people who are happy to give critique in a non-confrontational way and they will search for one of these hashtags, find your post, and give you critique.  Initially I would suggest you submit the image and share the post to "Public" to ensure you reach the widest audience, however there is nothing stopping you as you become more comfortable with your own images, to create your own circle of people on G+ and submit to that circle only, this way you can ensure that you get feedback from people you feel you can trust to give honest and open critique.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
One thing to note before you rush off and post your images.  Critique is very subjective, so listen to their views, take from them what you want, and improve your knowledge and understanding of what makes others go "Oooh" and "Aaah" and "Wonderful".  However, always remember that what other people think is a good image, may not be what you think is good - and that doesn't make you wrong! So don't change your style just to suit others, be yourself and enjoy making images that YOU enjoy.

Go, have fun!

Special Tags
There are also some other special tags that can be very helpful on Google+ and it might be worth listing some of the current ones for you:

#365project by Simon Kitcher - Undertake the commitment of taking a photo a day for a year.
#DailyShoot by Gerwin Sturm  - Gerwin gives you a photo assignment each day.  You could combine both #365project and #DailyShoot in one post!
#PlusPhotoExtract - Jarek Klimek - Jarek presents a daily set of TOP Google+ photographs.

Once again, to make use of any of these hashtags simply include it somewhere within the body of the post.

Through my Lens:
Rhos on Sea harbour in North Wales waiting for the tourists to arrive.

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