Thursday, 8 March 2012

Share from Blogger to Google+

If you ever wonder how to keep up with all the social network sites, when posting in each one can sometimes be one job too many, well Google have now made it easier - you can now share a post direct from your Google blog into your G+ stream.

Its easy to enable this function:
  • Go to your Blogger control panel
  • Select settings 
  • Select Posts and Comments 
  • Enable the Share to Google+ option.

Hey presto, next time you create a post you will be presented with the option to share to Google+!
Now the final piece of the puzzle - switch between images.

The default image shown is generally the blogger header, now you may not want this image to show on your posts if you have another image on the blog page.

  • To select another image on the blog page use the arrow keys to switch between all images on your blog page.
  • Decide if you want to leave the description or remove it.
  • Add your comment as you want it to appear on Google+
  • Decide who you want to share it with, just as you would in Google+

Easy Peasy!

Image of the day
Walking in Dickens Woods at Alderley Edge, the sunlight breaking through the trees picks up the golden autumn leaves peaking out of the snow.

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