Thursday, 6 October 2011

The golden nectar

A Kilderkin Sir?
A what you might ask.
A Kilderkin, have you never heard of it?
Well suffice to say I hadn't until I visited Hornbeam Brewery in Denton.

Yes, its true, Denton has its very own brewery.  Started in 2007 Hornbeam brewery in Denton is one of a number of craft micro breweries in Tameside producing real ales.

Housed in Denton's famous old hat factory, Hornbeam has steadily grown and has already achieved several awards for its award winning cask conditioned real ales.

Don't think that you can only buy this range of real ales if you live, and drink, in Denton.  Hornbeam are spreading their wings and selling to other areas in the North West. In this day and age of financial uncertainty it's great seeing local businesses thriving.

Fancy a tour of the brewery, then better leave your car at home because they offer a tour of the brewery followed by as much ale as you can drink! mmmmm now that's tempting!  Hey, and they also produce several special beers every month, so I might be going back there on a regular basis.

By the way - just to put you out of misery, a Kilderkin is an old English unit of volume equal to half a barrel, or two firkins - or to put it another way approx. 82 litres - certainly enough to last you quite a while.

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