Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Shadow land

Even when trees have shed all their leaves they can still manage to dominate the landscape.  This image was made in the Yorkshire Dales during autumn when the sun was low in the sky - I have always admired this little avenue of trees and really wanted to capture it showing its long, and strong shadows.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Making sense of Natures Chaos

Well, I've not been blogging for a few months now as I decided to shake up my life somewhat and see what's out there, so I took a hiatus from social media and photographic blogging for a while. Why? Well I'll try and explain and hopefully my motives will become a little clearer.

I wanted time to clear my head, clear my thoughts of preconceived ideas sparked from other peoples images. I want to start to take shots that I like, that interest me, that make me go 'Wow' again! When I am worrying about how many followers I have (and yes I have been down that path); how many +1's or Facebook Like's I have; or what others say about my images, I didn't feel I was really growing as a photographer, rather I was responding to others opinions and growing almost as someone else's idea of a photographer.

I've been thinking long and hard about the direction I want to take with my photography. Recent posts from photographers Zack Arias, Rogier Rood, Mike Shaw, and my good friend Rick Bennett have added to the spark already flicking in my head about why and what I wish to photograph.

It's interesting to examine oneself, to internalise thoughts from time to time, it forces you to rethink photographic values - Why am I taking this image? Who am I trying to please? Why am I spending so long on social media? Why am I not getting out and about with my camera? Why am I not experimenting more? Why do I want to buy the latest piece of equipment? Why am I not …..? Why am I not …..? Why am I not …..?

I think its good to challenge yourself from time to time, so for the next few weeks I will challenge myself and go on my journey, seeking out images, and probably pop in and out of G+ when I need to share a thought, an image, an idea, or to share someone else's image or post that inspires me.

As I said, I will pop in to social media and G+ in particular now and again to speak and keep in touch with some of my hangout friends who have kept me going this past year, who have inspired, motivated, humoured, encouraged, and just been there for me without asking anything in return. Without them I may have had a different idea of the direction I wished to take - and it might not have been the best path! So Don, Andy, Mark, Rogier, Andre, Helen, Suzanne, and Victor, thanks for being my inspiration and probably being the reason I have ultimately questioned my photographic path!

So for now I am continuing on a journey along with ideas inspired by some of my favourite artists such as Lena Levine, Edward Hopper and David Hockney - its going to be a colourful journey!

Sunday, 5 August 2012


This is an outtake from the recent Google+ Scavenger Hunt for the theme “Motion”. I had great fun with this theme hanging out of the side of the car holding the camera at arms length, which got some interesting looks from passing vehicles!.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sunset over Llanddwyn

Sunset provides excellent opportunities for capturing a wonderful scene with exceptional lighting.  Such was the case when I recently visited Ynys Llanddwyn ( Porth Twr Mawr ) in Anglesey. The island has some wonderful small coves and is well worth a visit - just don't overlook high tide which cuts off the island from the mainland!